„The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well“
John D. Rockefeller Jr

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PR America is a comprehensive one-stop solution provider connecting high demand products and business solutions to companies looking to expand in diversity and marketability with minimal investment.


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Bring the power of direct buying to you

PR America is a Commodity and Representations Company that has the network and resources in the field of international and domestic buying transactions. We bring the power of direct buying to the customer with resources including but not limited to

  • Global Inventory Access
  • Exclusivity Contracts
  • Global Team Members for 24 hour Operations
  • Direct Pricing Control

PR America specialists will work with and for you to develop a reliable and high quality supply of competitive cost product, both domestic and international, increasing expansion in the US market. Our understanding of international markets and expansive network provides a multidisciplinary range of services that provides the competitive edge when strategizing with clients and providing creative key turn solutions to assist in entering new markets.

PR America will also be proud to offer the PR Agency extensive service portfolio with a diverse array of Marketing services, including

  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Market Research Surveys
  • Collateral Materials
  • Strategic Counseling
  • Special Events (Consumer Involvement Events, Trade Shows, Grand Openings, and new Product/Service launches).

Proud partners

  • Full-Height-Handle
  • PIVOT-shower

flagge-vereinigte-staaten-von-amerika-usaKL-megla Architectural

As KL-megla continued its journey for being the most sufficient specialist for customized, high quality hardware solutions in the glass industry, their solution was to build their first U.S. manufacturing site in Montrose Iowa in 2012. German origin and “Made in America” has become the resounding mantra for their increasing popularity. With products ranging from exterior architecture, glass facades, commercial door entrance systems, handles, and full height bars, KL-megla Iowa has shown the US market that their quality of work and service will become the industry’s leading standard.

CEO Rodney Garret

  • Classtec_Classic

flagge-chinaKL-megla Pacific

Established in 2005 with locations in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, KL-Pacific has become a major player in the glass fittings production scene. With their extensive production capabilities and high standards of German quality, KL Megla Pacific’s quality is present in both the European and Asian markets.

CEO Philipp Majewski

  • MilanoPremium
  • Icetec_Fit_2008

flagge-deutschlandKL-megla Germany

Two German Inventors, over three generations, established on four continents, KL-megla has become a globally recognized label and an international trendsetter for innovative products in the glass industry. Led by Peter Reinecke and Joerg Loggen, KL-meglas’ focus on constant development, high-quality, and customer service is the foundation of their continued growing reputation as “the innovation company”.

CEO Peter Reinecke

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